Burnt toast cafe

Location: Brixton, London
Serves: Breakfast & brunch
Cost: £
Service: 💋💋1/2

I am no French toast connoisseur and in my 23 years I’d only had it once before. The toast at the cafe is dark brown and resembles an over done steak. This is because the toast is made with a homemade SIG walnut and cinnamon sourdough which makes it brown.

The menu all together is your basic breakfast club brunch type menu. The reason for my visit The French toast. It is served with a selection of virgin mojito syrup infused berries and drizzled with the cafes honeycomb sauce. The toast was fluffy on the inside and slightly crispy on the outside. The berries were fresh and the syrup was sweet but not sickly. I ordered bacon as a side which ended up looking slightly tragic on the plate.

I asked for a well done egg which was far from that bu Despite this it was ascrumdidiliumptious breakfast.

The Burnt Toast Cafe and most of the restaurants in Brixton Village Market have seating areas in the market itself. As a result the market looks and feels like a hip high school cafeteria. The seats are close together but everyone minds there own business and the atmosphere of the market is pretty laid back.

Service was friendly but not efficient. Wrong orders were sent to our table on multiple occasions. The staff, though blatantly confused, were extremely friendly and did their best to be helpful.

The price of the food and drink is extremely reasonable.